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Dining Plans at Disney World

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DINING PLANS:  As you might imagine, pretty much everything in Disney is expensive.  Unless you plan to bring your own food – which some people do – it’s probably best to get a Disney dining plan, especially if you plan to do character meals.  During the time we went (late September 2014), the Disney Dining Plan was FREE. Yes, that’s right. FREE.  Okay, I am sure that the cost was built into our room rate somehow, but still….This plan gave each person a snack, a quick service meal, and a table service meal each day.  The good thing is that all the character dining experiences are included in the plan, so you can do what we did, and pretty much make every table service meal a character experience.

And because we ate so much at the character meals (they’re mostly buffets, except for Cinderella’s Royal Table where you order from a menu), we didn’t ever eat three meals in a day. We never went hungry and in fact, had so many credits left over at the end of our stay that I ordered a couple lobster rolls and salads (from the Quick Service restaurant Contempo Café in our hotel) to take to the airport for a mid-travel snack. With the dining plan, you also get a cool Disney refillable mug to take home with you, and it comes in handy for beverages all day. I got coffee/tea/soda during the day and took the mug with me into the park – filled with ice – to have cold water to drink without having to use my snack credit on a bottle of water.

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