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The Best Time to Go to Disney World

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WHEN TO GO: Disney World is generally pretty crowded, but there are some obvious times that are more crowded than others.  Summer, spring break, Christmastime, Thanksgiving, and any other time when school-age children are bound to be out of school means that families around the country (and the world) are Disney bound.  If you have the luxury of going at any other time, you will find the parks to be less crowded; less crowded means shorter lines and more availability for the things you might want to do.  We went in late September and, after talking to some of the employees, we were told that the park was “virtually empty” in comparison to what it had been just weeks earlier.  Disney also offers late summer/early fall specials on rooms (see next section).

The big downside of September is that it’s still hot and very humid. But, if you pack appropriately and plan accordingly, the weather won’t be much of a factor.

If September isn’t possible, mid to late January is also a great time, as most kids are going back to school and most families have spent their luxury budgets on Christmas and holiday travel. Mid to late January is the least crowded time to visit and Disney knows this.  Airfares are cheaper to Florida then, and the Disney resorts offer lower rates to attract visitors. The weather is also better in January as the temperatures are cooler and the humidity is reduced.

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